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      nuclear attack: The first atomic bomb was detonated in New Mexico, not Hiroshima;  Watch the story of the making, dropping and devastation of the atom bomb on Hiroshima Day

Dainik Bhaskar nuclear blast caught fire in two-thirds of Hiroshima, 40 thousand people died instantly


It is dated 12th April 1945.  In Europe, the Second World War had ended around the German capital, Berlin, but in Asia, Japan was in full force.  US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, sitting on a chair to get one of his portraits made, died of a brain hemorrhage.  Immediately Vice President Harry S. Tauman was made President.  War Minister Henry L. Stimson first gave full information about the US atomic bomb program to the new president.

This was the same program called the Manhattan Project, under which the prepared atomic bombs were dropped on two cities of Japan three months later.  The first was on Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 and the second on Nagasaki on 9 August 1945.  But do you know that the first atomic bomb in the world was not fired on Hiroshima but in Alamogordo in the US state of New Mexico.  It was the test of the world's first atomic bomb on 16 July 1945.

3. World's first nuclear explosion in America

July 16, 1945: Under Project Manhattan, nuclear scientists successfully test the first atomic bomb in the deserted Alamogordi area of ​​New Mexico, USA.  Energy equivalent to 20 thousand TNT was released from this bomb.  This test site was named "Trinity", inspired by a poem.  Source: Jack Aeby / Los Alamos National Laboratory

 Hiroshima 7,000 °C and Suraj 5,500 °C

August 6, 1945: 45 seconds after the bomb was dropped from the American B-29, it exploded with such a horrific explosion that immediately two-thirds of Hiroshima blazed.  The plume of smoke was seen up to a height of 20 thousand feet.  The temperature of the city reaches 7 thousand degrees Celsius, while the temperature of the sun is 5,500 degrees.  Immediately 70 thousand people died.  A few days later, about 2.10 lakh more people also died.  Source: U.S.  Air Force surface

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